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Since 2014, we have been serving clients throughout Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario. Port Arthur Woodcraft has proven to be a leader in quality craftsmanship and elegant design through our unique fine furniture and  millwork.

At Port Arthur Woodcraft we work with you to help you achieve your design goals

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We work directly with you when planning and designing each custom project, to ensure a smooth process for our clients. Every aspect of the project is covered, from design, to construction, to installation. 

We will work with you on your residential or commercial millwork projects using locally harvested lumber. 

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Sustainably Harvested, Local Lumber

Rutter Urban Forestry brings decades of arbourist experience to your project

In 2020, Port Arthur Woodcraft teamed up with Rutter Urban Forestry in a universal effort to foster our strong beliefs in the value of our local Thunder Bay economy and local boreal forest resources.  For over 15 years, Rutter Urban Forestry has built a strong reputation as Thunder Bay’s leading arboriculture company.  Their emphasis on arboricultural sustainability through development, maintenance and nurturing blends well with our vision of maximizing the value added to our local resources.  At Port Arthur Woodcraft our products and services all have a unique story behind them and are truly Made From Thunder Bay.


Micro-production: An affordable, sustainable model

Our catalogue collection of furnishings and home décor represent a sustainable, micro-production model.  These are signature pieces, each uniquely designed with a particular focus on functionality, comfort and form.  In contrast to the more common mass-production model that is seen everywhere in the furniture industry today, we are able to combine the superior quality and attention to detail of hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind furniture construction with the affordability of mass production. This also ensures you that the products you are bringing into your home are built not only with sustainably harvested, local materials, but are also built to last.   

In addition to allowing us to maintain our goals of sustainable production, this model also allows us flexibility on the production line. We can cater our production process to fit with the design goals that our clients have for their own unique residential or commercial millwork projects. 

Our Team

Cory Bagdon

Designer / Maker

Cory has been designing and building furniture and working with wood for over 10 years.  With an academic background in astrophysics, his work emphasizes a unique perspective and appreciation of the elegance that geometry brings to our physical world.  While studying under Canadian furniture maker Michael Grace at Selkirk College, Cory was able to develop his own style by blending his skills in traditional joinery techniques with more contemporary CNC technology. 

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